3 Essential Parts of a Roofing System

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While shingles and gutters are the most visible features of a roof installation, it has other components that work together to protect your interiors from harsh weather elements. Knowing the different parts of the roof and how they work can help you pinpoint problems early and fix them promptly.

1. Soffit

Sometimes, roof designs stretch farther than the walls and create an overhang; the underside of this is the soffit. They are often not visible from a distance, but they still play an integral part in your property’s overall aesthetic, especially when visitors look closely.

It significantly contributes to the ventilation of your home, as it provides a pathway for air to flow from your attic and prevents it from heating. An overheated attic will not only cause the shingles to wear quickly, but it also increases the amount of humidity and allows mold and mildew to form.

2. Fascia

The board where the roof connects to the exterior walls is called the fascia. It can be seen at street view, so have it maintained well to enhance your curb appeal. Fascia boards are where roof installation experts set up the gutters, which collects rainwater and redirects it away from your roof.

If moisture caused by clogged gutters and winter dams enters the fascia, the boards can crack and discolor, which not only affects the physical appearance of your house but also makes your whole property susceptible to water damage. Maintaining your gutters is critical to ensure the best condition of your fascia boards.

3. Flashing

Often made from metal sheets, flashing surrounds protruding roof parts such as chimneys, vents, and skylights to secure them tightly and prevent leaks to your interiors.

Moisture can get inside the roofing due to improper installation or delaying repairs, making your interiors vulnerable to water damage, especially during the rainy season. As replacement and repairs require time and effort, consider a durable flashing material such as copper.

Whether there are cracks on your flashing or leaks on your roof, trust the professionals at USA Property Services in Denver, CO, for all your roofing needs. This roofing contractor has more than 20 years of experience, providing high-quality roof installation, replacement, and repair. If you see tears and scratches in your siding after a hailstorm, rely on these experts for reliable siding repair and even metal and vinyl siding solutions. Schedule your free estimate now and contact them at (303) 356-7715 or send them a message online if you have any questions.

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