3 Essential Steps to Prepare for a Roof Replacement

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roof replacement helps you to preserve the value of your home. However, installing new shingles or new metal roofing means that your house will be under construction for a few days. To make this process as easy as possible, and to keep your belongings safe, the guide below offers tips for how to prepare.

How to Get Ready for Roofers

1. Clear Space for the Workers

Either park your cars in your garage or down the street while the project is underway. This not only protects your vehicles from potential damage from falling debris but allows the roofers to use your driveway, giving them quick access to their trucks and tools.

Additionally, make sure all areas immediately surrounding your home—like patios, decks, and sidewalks—are clean and free of tripping hazards, such as toys, barbeques, and patio furniture.

2. Tidy Your Yard

roof replacement

During your roof replacement, various kinds of debris may fall from your roof. Mowing your lawn the day before work is scheduled to begin means these pieces will be easier to spot and remove when the installation is complete.

Also, trim all tree branches that are close to your house. Overhanging limbs can obstruct contractor access to parts of your roof and can also scrape newly-laid shingles. 

3. Protect Your Interiors

A roof replacement means people walking above you and hammering down new materials. Prepare your interior spaces by removing decorations or delicate items that may fall off walls and shelves due to vibrations.

The work will also likely cause dust to get shaken loose in the attic. Place tarps or blankets over your belongings so they don’t become dirty. Remove valuable or fragile items completely and store them somewhere safe.

Get started on your roof installation with help from the professionals at USA Property Services in Denver, CO. This roofing contractor performs detailed inspections to provide you with a custom plan for your new roof. They even replace windows, gutters, and apply a fresh coat of paint if needed so your exteriors look more beautiful than ever. Call these friendly contractors today at (303) 473-3758 to schedule your free consultation, or learn more about their services on their website. You can also find them on Facebook for updates and maintenance tips.

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