4 Common Roofing Issues to Watch for This Winter

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During the winter, you should be able to count on your roof to shield your home from all the elements—including snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. But as the structure defends against these hazards, the weather can also cause damage that may impair your roof’s capabilities. To help protect your property during the cold season, here are a few common residential roofing problems to be aware of this season and what to do about them.

How to Address Winter Roofing Issues

1. Clogged Gutters

Twigs, leaves, and other debris can create clogs in your gutter that prevent proper drainage. As a result, precipitation may flow over and cause leaks along roof edges and siding.

While it’s a best practice to check and clean your gutters regularly, you can also prevent clogs by installing guards that only allow water to pass through.

2. Ice Dams

residential roofingWhen sections of the roof become warm, snow on top can melt. But as the moisture drips to the colder edges, it will freeze and form an ice dam. Over time, this ice barrier will continue to trap water, which, in turn, stresses the structure and causes leaks to form.

To stop ice dams, have a residential roofing contractor update your attic insulation and install strategically-placed vents to prevent hot air from warming the surface. These preventive measures can also help stop condensation from penetrating the insulation and causing water damage within your home.  

3. Flashing Leaks

Flashing refers to the metal strips that are fastened around edges—such as around vents and the chimney—to seal out moisture. High winter winds, however, can cause flashing to loosen and allow water to pass through.

To avoid flashing leaks, have a contractor inspect your roof at least once a year and adjust any damaged pieces. Also, check the flashing after a heavy storm to make sure no additional damage occurred.

4. Falling Tree Limbs

When tree limbs succumb to high winds and hefty snow, they can snap and possibly hit your home. While these punctures almost always require professional roof repairs, you can prevent them by having all overhanging branches trimmed.

When you’re a homeowner in Denver, CO, defending your roof against wintry conditions is a top priority. To make the process easier, USA Property Services is equipped to repair all types of residential roofing problems—including insufficient insulation, loose flashing, and tree damage. This full-service roofing and siding contractor can also provide inspections and maintenance to keep your structure strong all year long. To learn more about these capabilities, visit this roofing company online or call (303) 437-3758 to speak with a friendly associate.

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