4 Metal Roofing Advantages

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A residential roof does more than protect family members and house contents from the elements. It also contributes to curb appeal and energy efficiency. And while asphalt shingles arguably remain the go-to for many homeowners, there are numerous reasons to consider metal roofing

Why Invest in Metal Roofing?

1. Durability

Contrary to what some might believe, metal roofing systems are fairly lightweight. And yet, they offer excellent wind resistance—with some varieties withstanding gusts of up to 140 miles an hour.

Metal panels also resist fires to help you maintain a safer home, and provide a slippery surface that makes it difficult for snow to stick. Combined, this contributes to their long life—of about 50 to 75 years. Shingle roofing systems last 25 years in addition to featuring low fire and wind resistance.

2. Energy Efficiency

metal roofingAccording to a U.S. Department of Energy-sponsored study, metal roofs save up to 25% in cooling costs. They also decrease heat flow into the home by up to 45%. By reflecting radiant heat, a metal roofing system lowers monthly energy costs in addition to maintaining a more comfortable residence.

3. Aesthetic Value

Metal roof panels come in a variety of types to complement most residential architectural styles. Interlocking panels hide fasteners to create a uniform look. If you’re tired of the standard black shingle roof, review panel hues that work with your siding and landscaping.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Made either partially or entirely of recycled metal, the roof system helps reduce your household carbon footprint even when its working life ends. All parts of a metal roof can be recycled to limit the environmental impact of your home renovation and remodeling projects. Conversely, shingle roofs produce 11 million tons of waste annually

If a metal roofing system is what your home needs, contact USA Property Services. Offering over 20 years of experience serving residential and commercial clients throughout Denver, CO, this family-owned company uses only the best brands, including Alside®, CertainTeed®, and James Hardie®. Call (303) 356-7715 today to schedule your free consultation or visit the roofing contractors online for a complete service list. 

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