5 Signs You Need New Vinyl Siding

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Your home’s vinyl siding is one of its most noticeable features and is a major component of your property’s overall aesthetic. Siding also plays an important role in keeping your home protected against the elements. Replace this feature as soon as you notice any of the following signs of wear and tear.

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Vinyl Siding

1. Bubbles or Blisters

One of the most obvious signs of siding damage is bubbling or blistering in the vinyl. This material is moisture-resistant to a point, but after a while, it may become cracked or damaged, allowing water to seep in. When this happens, it can no longer protect the layers underneath from further moisture damage.

2. Chipped Paint

If color fading is your only concern, you can extend the lifespan of your siding by repainting it. However, when paint chips away shortly after a new paint job, your siding likely has moisture damaged and should be replaced. Visibly warped areas of your siding are also telltale signs of irreparable damage.

3. Cracks or Holes

vinyl sidingVisible cracks in your siding will give moisture access to the underlying wood. However, if the cracks are isolated, only a small portion of vinyl may need to be swapped out.

Look out for widespread damage, such as tiny holes throughout the entire installation. This could indicate an insect infestation, which warrants a full replacement.

4. Peeling Interior Paint

When siding issues are left unaddressed, they can eventually allow water to penetrate the interior of the home. Peeling paint or wallpaper on your interior walls is the first sign you should check your home’s siding. Check the sheetrock and other structural components for water damage or signs of dry rot, as well.

5. Climbing Energy Bills

Weakened vinyl will be less capable of insulating your home and may allow unnecessary indoor and outdoor air transfer. This can cause your air conditioning bills to spike in the summer, and heating bills to climb during the winter. Be on the lookout for costs that seem unusually higher in comparison to past years.

If you need to replace the vinyl siding on your home, turn to USA Property Services in Denver, CO. This siding and roofing contractor has more than 20 years of experience performing quality repairs and installations for homes and businesses throughout the area. View the full descriptions of available services online. Call (303) 356-7715 to discuss your home’s needs with a friendly representative.

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