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We specialize in the Exterior Restoration of all types! 

However, really shine at getting you reimbursement from your home’s materials manufacturers, your insurance company, or both for weather damage or warranty replacement. 

We guarantee $0 out-of-pocket when we commit to a job, and 80% of the jobs we evaluate will result in a claim! That means free exterior restorations for 100's of our neighbors, who we love to help! 

Our owner Mario worked for construction materials companies, operating their warranty department for decades. This experience allowed him to learn the procedures required by the manufacturers to obtain reimbursement for the total replacement cost for defective materials. 

With this knowledge and experience, Mario developed our processes to successfully file your claim in a way that will get full reimbursement for the cost of your job. Our decades of dealing with the manufacturers ensure we know how to obtain full warranty claim approval. 

Do I Have an Exterior Restoration Claim for My House?

We find many homeowners don’t even know that their home has defective exterior materials that warrant a warranty claim. Damaged exteriors are fairly straightforward. If you had hail damage as an example, you likely have a claim. However, we find many homeowners that don’t know that the exterior of their home has materially defective materials all the time

Let us take a look, we can tell you very quickly.

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