The Top 3 Ways to Keep Mold Off the Siding

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Because the siding of a house typically comprises of a large swath of the same color and material, even minor imperfections become apparent. For instance, mold growth on the side of a house appears unsightly and might even reduce the resale value of your home. To help you avoid this problem, below are some tips to keep mold off your household siding.

How to Rid Your Siding of Mold

1. Act Quickly

If you spot a patch of mold, even if it is in a discreet area of the house, do not delay. Mold infestations multiply quickly and become more difficult to remove as they set in.

Clean the siding with a pressure washer and address any stubborn areas with a spray bottle of 50-50 vinegar-and-water solution or a 10% bleach solution. If you wait too long, the stains might set in and become permanent. The only solution at that point is to have the affected panels replaced.

2. Get Rid of Shade

siding in Denver, COMold requires an area out of direct sunlight to thrive. Therefore, you can relieve your home of some of its mold problem by cutting back heavy shrubs, climbing vines, and overhanging branches that shade the house—and are thus providing an environment conducive to mold growth. 

3. Address Leaks

Along with shade, mold requires moisture to propagate. If your siding is subject to leaks, the dampness could be encouraging a mold infestation.

For instance, if your gutters are leaking at the seams or are clogged with leaves and spilling rainwater down the side of your house, you can immediately address these issues. Additionally, if an exterior faucet has a leak or the hose connection drips, you should take care of this promptly, as well.

If your siding is damaged, dented, missing panels, or irreparably stained with mold, contact USA Property Services, a residential roofing and siding contractor in Denver, CO. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau® and have served Denver County and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years. They specialize in siding and roof repairs and replacements, and for their work received the 2019 Angie’s List Super Service award. Learn more about them at their website or call (303) 356-7715 to request a price quote.

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